A beautiful garden requires plenty of thought, not to mention hard work! For those us who are less green-fingered, that can seem overwhelming. 

It is tempting to think about all the pretty finishing touches that make a garden, but before you do that you need to consider functionality and the design itself.  

There’s no need to panic though! We’ve compiled our top garden design tips, so you know exactly what it takes to have a glorious outside space.

Garden Design Tips: Top 5


1. Think practical and structural

First and foremost, it is important to think about your garden as a whole. Forget the minor details such as flowers and garden furniture; these are what finish your design off.

It is important to consider elements such as where the sun sets, the best views, the ground types, the surrounding architecture, and most importantly, what you want to achieve with your outdoor space. 

A garden design team will be able to help you with this as they are used to analysing the space in a more objective manner leaving you to think about garden cushions and pretty plant pots! If you use a garden design company, come up with a rough plan beforehand that lists the things you’d like to see from the end result.

2. Avoid dark boundaries

Using pale shades for walls, fencing, and trellis can help to create the illusion of space, which is particularly useful in smaller gardens. If you like to keep things neutral, try a soft grey as this classic shade will stand the test of time. For a more adventurous look, with a touch of personality, consider using some sugary sweet pastel colours that can be matched to any flower colour schemes you have planned.

3. Plan the plants

Start your garden planting off with some more structured plants, using smaller plants to fill in any gaps. This play with heights helps to create depth and dimension in your outdoor space that provides great visual interest and texture. 

Repeat 5-6 different types of plants and arrange them in patterns to create a harmonious and balanced flow across the garden.

If you are unsure what plants to choose, a landscaping company would be able to advise on the best choices for your garden as well as design and plant them for you. They will also ensure you have ample space for your plants to grow, an all-too-common gardening mistake!

4. Get reflective

Using reflective elements within your garden space is great when light is limited. Using bird baths, ponds, water features, and even outdoor mirrors are all great tools for reflecting natural light around the garden, as well as the colours from any flowers that helps to soften any harsh lines. 

5. Pave the way

Although you might not think it, paving will help to support the overall design concept for your garden, which is ideal to create an overall feeling of balance. If you are looking for a more rustic, country garden a mixture of grey and white stone in a random pattern, but for a more contemporary style, black or silver paving is perfect. Golden stone offers a more traditional finish. 

For those with small gardens or courtyard space, use small tiles as larger paving will make the garden feel even smaller. We would always recommend using professionals to lay paving to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Garden Design North London

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